Jenni Rivera was a Mexican- American singer who passed away in a plane crash on December 9, 2012. A tribute has been made to “La Diva de la Banda”, there is now a mini-series called “Her Name is Dolores, The Jenn I Knew,” on Univision about her whole life.


This mini-series will capture her failures during her rise to fame, while also showcasing how she was persistent on her dreams. This will also include her life off of the stage and how she tried to make her family and children her priority. Sophomore Juliet Herrera commented, “I got the opportunity to watch the first episode of her rise to fame and I am already eager to see the next episode of her life.”


Rivera was a Mexican music icon and inspired many of her fans. Although her death was tragic, 4 years later the story of her tough life and her hard work that led her to become an A list singer. The series “Her Name is Dolores, The Jenn I Knew,” is based on the books Rivera got to publish.  Junior Serena Martinez said, “This is actually really sweet the fact that people still love it when they hear the name Jenni Rivera it hypes people up. That is what Jenni deserved to always be recognized.”


Rivera was born into a family who has a passion for singing. While her younger brother Lupillo Rivera is a well-known singer who was managed by their father, Jenni however was not. She then went out of her way to find a manager who fits the cut. His name is Pedro who stood by her side for 10 years, and never gave up on her biggest dreams to become a well-known singer. Anyssa Escalante stated,” Jenni seemed like an independent person and always wanted it her way that is why I idolized her so much.”


Rivera was a very important female figure Jenni is the top selling female artist in the Mexican music genre.  In 2001, Rivera was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best Band Album.” She then became the first Mexican American to be nominated for an award that year.Martinez also added on, “Everything Jenni would do everyone followed, I have always be a huge fan for her and for her to have gotten a Latin Grammy is a big deal.” Rivera was all about representing her Hispanic side and always showed how much she was proud to be half Latina. She will forever be an idol and an inspiration to her fans.

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