Los Altos High school started their first day back on August 9, 2017 on the football field. People say “high school years are the best years of your life”. Well, this year’s First day of school was one for the books and proves that the saying is true.


It was the first day back and of course everyone’s reaction to it is why? Or why this summer went by super quick. Well, Los Altos High made a change and believed that everyone should enjoy their first day back. They had $6,000 worth of Jumpers and a good amount of carnival games. Junior Luz Munoz commented, “I sucked at the games, but it was really fun to go against my friends in the little races.” There were many prizes that were involved and students got to enjoy gift cards to their favorite restaurants. It was insane especially the seniors. They seemed to have had an unforgettable moment. Senior Briza Escobar had stated, “The first day of school got wild, and it was something I never expected to have on the first day of being a senior.”


This journey had the majority of Los Altos students excited and pumped up to the point that they posted all of their experiences on their social media sites. This left outsiders wondering what was going on at Los Altos high school. Most were shocked to see a school do nothing, but fun activities throughout the day. Escobar also added, “People asked me what kind of school I go to that has these activities on the first day of school and I was proud to say Los Altos high school”.


Both ASB and Renaissance are planning more upcoming events like the first day of school throughout the year. Students are pumped and excited to see what is next. Munoz also responded, “I am looking forward to the more days like the first day of school.”  This experience has pumped students to want to do better in school and be rewarded to have more events like this one.

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