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ASB & Renaissance’s Big Move to the A Building

Bianca Flores

This summer, ASB and Renaissance made the move to their new rooms, A4 and A5, so they could have more room, and better communication, to organize school events.

Last year, and years before that, ASB and Renaissance were in rooms F10 and G2, which were across the hall from each other. However, when Renaissance advisor, Christopher Reeder, became ASB advisor he wanted to unite the groups so they could work together. Reeder explains, “…as Renaissance advisor, it really used to bug me that we would have conflict between the two groups because there’d be competitions over who could do things better… We were doing the same things; we were both working on building spirit or on certain events. So, that part of it, I wanted to unite them and make it more like ‘we’re doing this together, we are working on these things together jointly.’”

On June 16, both leadership groups arrived to school to make the move to the new rooms. Renaissance actually was able to move back into their old room, A4, shown by the large Renaissance mural on the outside of the building. Reeder admits that he always loved having Renaissance in A4 and he was actually forced to leave the room and move into A13, by the engineering room, and later into F10. “This room [A4] is still just so much better, so much more space, with the wall space and that kind of stuff. So, I always wanted to come back to this room for Renaissance.” Reeder explains. Although he never thought about moving ASB, when Jeff Hess, our new principal, approached him about moving both Renaissance and ASB next to each other, he took it as a complete bonus. So, ASB moved into the room right next door, A5, which used to be a Physics classroom.

It took about six hours to clean out the old rooms, move all the stuff to the new rooms, and organize everything neatly. ASB President, senior Sabrina Valdez, says, “I think that moving day was more than we expected it to be, but in the end we got all of it moved with a lot of hard work from everyone.”

After the move was finished, ASB decided they wanted to give the room a bit of a makeover. “When we first got into the room it looked like someone else’s room, so we wanted to make it ours, so we decided to paint the room,” Valdez states. So, once again, ASB met on July 27 to paint the giant room gray and blue. “Painting day was a lot of fun, it was more like a bonding experience than actual working. I think we just all got to know each other more, and laughed about stuff together,” Valdez adds.

To add a sense of comfort, members of ASB were also able to donate a couch and a fridge. However, they still are not completely finished with their makeover. “We are planning to do a mural outside, like Renaissance, probably during Winter Break so we could have a little representation of ASB [on campus]. We plan to add decorations, more paintings to really make the room homey,” Valdez explains.

After the move, ASB and Renaissance were able to put the two new rooms to good use for planning the first Welcome Day. The groups met up weekly to organize the event, and the convenience of having the two rooms next to each other, with a door connecting them, made it a lot easier for the leadership groups to work together. “Just having the physical spaces connected… we were able to share supplies. Anything that Renaissance needed, it was in the ASB room five steps away, and vice versa,” Reeder says.

Although Welcome Day was a huge success for both ASB and Renaissance, the members are still getting used to the change. Reeder states, “Just like any move, it is going to take time to adjust… but eventually it will start to feel like home. Even for me, like I’m still disorganized in some places, but I definitely feel like, in the long run, this will end up feeling a lot better for us.”

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