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Don’t Give Up On Your Talents: Ashley McCloud

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Don’t Give Up On Your Talents: Ashley McCloud

Briana Munoz

Senior  Ashley Genesis  McCloud enjoys singing , cheering , and dancing.  Behind every activity, there is a story. She has always had love for each of these activities and would never take them for granted.


Singing is an activity she has always loved since she was little. McCloud said, “When I was a baby my mom would sing to me. By the age of 3 I would sing with my mom. “It was her mother that figured out McClouds passion for music and singing . Her mother Julie Lopez, stated “Ever since I can remember she has never been shy and has always entertained people.” At the age of six McCloud has made her own songs and raps just for fun. This talent definitely suits her. She then joined choir her 6th- 8th grade year at Fairgrove Academy.


Being an entertainer is one of McCloud’s characteristics, but this comes with being spirited for her high school. McCloud joined cheer her sophomore year and has continued to do cheer til her senior year. McCloud commented, “When I made the cheer team I was inexperienced and did not know how to do flips and tricks, but I self-taught myself.” She has contributed to being a dancer.

Dancing has also had a great impact in McCloud’s life. Lopez also added, “Ashley is extremely driven and can sometimes be overzealous about anything that interests her. The top two on Ashley’s list are singing and dancing.” McCloud has always liked to be the type of person to put on shows for everyone. In 6th grade year she decided to try out for her dance team. She had made the dance team, and later went into high school and made the Los Altos Dance team.


Despite her amazing natural talents McCloud is extremely productive in school activities she later went on to high school and started singing, cheering and dancing. McCloud will continue to do her ultimate best in the activities she is best at doing.

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