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Youth United

Kessia Cisneros

No one in life should feel alone or unwanted and sometimes high school makes students feel that exact feeling. Despite trying to fit in or just finding a way through life, it can be hard to feel emotion of happiness or knowing that someone cares which can affect a person’s way of life and questioning who they are and why no one cares.

However, Los Altos unique own club Youth United has been determined to change that emotion of sadness or depression and create a space because the youth today are the future of tomorrow. As well as having the right to speak their minds about issues currently exists today.

Sophomore Noah Hernandez, a member of Youth United says, “Youth United is a club that focuses on elimination discrimination, sexism, racism, and homophobia. Everyone is equal in Youth United, and what we want to do is spread more positivity here at Los Altos. People should come to school knowing that there is a place for them to be appreciated for who they are.”

Youth United plans on attending school events and hosting spirit days as well as informing students that they have a voice. Meeting every Monday at Lunch the club will discuss issues today in society and a way to fix them. All they want is to do ignite a fire and the fire represents flame of positivity.

Senior Carla Gonzales states, “I enjoy knowing we have a place on campus where we can express ourselves and feel like we belong.” Gonzales also said, “I love knowing that if I ever feel like I’m alone, I know now that I’m not, and Youth United makes me and everyone feel the same as well.”

Youth United wants to accomplish a social change, to have people feel empowered, and to make every student realize that a person is just that and everyone is entitled to equal and fair treatment.

“Social Acceptance is possible, but it starts here. When people are not exposed to people’s lifestyles that vary from their own, it leads to misconceptions and harsh judgement,” Hernandez states.

To provide a sense of equality and to motivate people to not only make a change, but to be that change all starts here, in Youth United.

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