Homecoming is right around the corner and the court has already been voted on and decided. Only this time, all classes will have their own court and their own King and Queen.

Homecoming court nominations took place on Tuesday, September 12, and Wednesday, September 13. Senior nominations were done in English classes and all other class nominations were done at lunch on the lower stage. Seniors could nominate up to five girls and guys, while juniors nominated four, sophomores nominated 3, and freshman nominated 2.

Then by Friday, September 15, the nominations were counted up and decided. To announce the court, ASB went into each of the princes’ and princesses’ third period with a celebratory congratulations and a poster.

The Freshman Court includes Daniella Gutierrez, Ariel Otec, Ethan Mercado, and Nathan Hernandez. The Sophomore Court includes Isabella Barnes, Alondra Gutierrez, Soliel Espinosa, Rene Zaldivar, Chris Kissling, and Noah Hernandez. The Junior Court includes Angel Caudillo, Alexa Lopez, Kiara Moreno, Vanessa Jaime, Alex Carballo, Seth Sliger, Anthony Carrillo, and Jacob Magana. Finally, the Senior Court includes Caley Asbee, Bailey Chavez, Stephanie Martinez, Ashley McCloud, Josie Osborn, Mario Castro, Stephen Martinez, Aaron Pimentel, Jacob Porras, and Jacob Vasquez.

ASB decided to give all classes their own court so everyone could feel included. Senior and Commissioner of Elections, Melissa Chadwick, explains, “We felt like, in ASB, that we wanted to incorporate the whole school more, rather than just focusing on seniors because Homecoming is about everyone.”

Sophomore and Homecoming court nominee, Chris Kissling, appreciates the recognition and inclusion of the lower classes in the Homecoming tradition. “I like [the underclassmen courts], I think everyone gets involved and it attracts a different crowd than it usually does, so its not just focused on the juniors and seniors…” he says.

Although this new tradition has been successful, Chadwick does admit it took a lot more work to pull off. “We had to plan out basically four nominations, rather than just one,” Melissa states, explaining how they had to get class lists to figure out who was eligible to vote and make ballots for the entire school, as opposed to just a quarter of the school.

Despite the extra amount of work, Kissling is thankful and excited for the opportunity to be on the Homecoming Court, “I think I’m going to have a good experience on the court. I’m glad I got nominated, and my class thinks of me like that… It was more meaningful because I got to prove to other people that I was worthy, but I also had to prove it to myself too.”

According to Chadwick the actual voting will take place at either the end of September or beginning of October. Due to the change of having four different courts, the underclassmen Kings and Queens will be announced during the rally on October 9, and the senior Queen will be announced at the Homecoming Game on October 13. It has not been decided when the senior King will be announced. Homecoming will be off campus at the Front Runner at the Santa Anita Racetracks on October 14.

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