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Homecoming: The Happiest Place on Earth

Bianca Flores

On October 14, students attended a Disneyland themed dance hosted at the Santa Anita Racetrack’s glamorous Frontrunner room. Students dressed their best arrived and spent the whole night on the dance floor.

After last year’s low turnout at the Homecoming on Broadway hosted in the gym, ASB decided to turn it up a notch by venture off campus for a Homecoming venue. “When we saw the venue, we knew people were going to be really excited,” senior Millie Suthasri, the Commissioner of Dances, stated. This decision was definitely worth the risk, as ASB sold the most Homecoming tickets they have been able to sell in decades. They sold a total of 518 tickets, when their goal was only to reach 300.

The venue itself was the Frontrunner room at the Santa Anita Racetrack, appropriately named since the room directly faced the racetrack. It was on the second floor, so everybody that attended needed to go up on an elevator, and then they were able to enter the room.

The space was huge, with plenty of tables for people to sit at. There were different levels, and to get to the tables you had to go down small flights of stairs. Each table had a bowl with Disney decorations like a Cinderella horse carriage, and each table also had its own mini television with a graphic of Mickey Mouse that said “Los Altos High School Homecoming 2017.” The same image appeared on the giant screen on the actual racetrack.

The dance floor was at the top level in the center, but the actual dance floor was a few steps below the floor level, which made it quite separate from the rest of the room. Right in front of the dance floor was a bar where servers were serving drinks like cokes, Shirley temples, and water to keep everyone hydrated as they danced.

The DJ played a mix of hip-hop, rap, and Spanish music. The dance floor was never empty, and always had great energy. However, Suthasri would have made an adjustment to the music, “If I could change one thing, about the dance, then I would maybe alter the song playlist because some songs were dragging on for too long or for not enough.”

Although there were minor complaints, the majority of the students who attended seemed to give positive feedback, and the turnout did seem to reflect that.

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