The Conqueror

Dark Harbor the Queen Mary Prepare to Scream

Briana Munoz

The Dark Harbor Queen Mary is an event that takes place during the fall and Halloween time. It starts on September 28th and ends on November 1, 2017.This event includes monsters, and mazes that are unforgettable.

​The Dark Harbor event has 4 new mazes that are located on the “haunted” Queen Mary ship each maze has a different scene and scenario. It is like a mind game that needs to be visually seen amongst oneself. This has to be the scariest year so far for people who enjoy scary nights. Most of the time people go to this event for a good time and good scares. Senior Tanner Robinson stated, “The mazes in my opinion were well thought each maze has a story that is why they are long and some are actually on the ship which I thought was super cool.” Lines are not always packed, but when they are people scatter around the event. The workers who dress up with scary unattractive makeup usually walk around and creep people out.

​The event also consists of music, food stands, rides, and workers performing. The tricks they do are never before seen by many. Nigel Funes resident in Hacienda Heights voiced his opinion, “Their talent is shown, and thankfully people do watch the workers perform. They give them a round of applause when done, people takes pictures with all these fictional characters and have a great time.” Yelling and laughing at the horrible looking monsters is a way to express being scared, but having a great time.

​Most rides that are not located on the ship always seem to have the smallest lines, and are definitely recommended to go through last. Funes also commented, “The wait on the ship is always long because everyone wants to go in a haunted ship with an actual maze. I waited

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