Controversial’ Halloween Costumes: Let’s Talk About That

Jasmine Fuentes

Halloween in schools are usually filled with harmless fun, classmates and teachers dressed in funny or clever costumes. However, when Halloween falls on a weekday, there is some controversy that comes with it. This may effect some students that may get in trouble if their costume is deemed “inappropriate” or “offensive”.   But what makes a costume controversial?

Sophomore Klelia Jimenez states, “Anything that sexualizes young girls like the ‘sexy’ outfits because it sends a message to predatory men and raises the risk of young girls in High School being assaulted.”

Notice that the components listed by most people about what makes a costume inappropriate in a school setting includes factors that only apply to young girls, even when the question applied to everyone in general and was not gender specific. It is odd how the finger is immediately pointed to young girls when it comes to controversial costumes.

Something that is equally applied to both girls and boys when it comes to controversial costumes are costumes that are ‘racist’. People wearing costumes that either ridicule or portray certain cultures incorrectly. It is debated whether people are being too sensitive or if the criticism the people receive is well-deserved.

Jimenez shares her opinion, “I think it is well-deserved because a culture isn’t a costume to wear for one day, for some it’s their lives. Seeing it being played as a costume/joke is insensitive to the people in those cultures.”

Offensive costumes are usually seen on social media, filled with the debatable comments that could only be said on the internet. When it is done in real life, it is usually brushed away since people are not as expressive in real life as opposed to the Internet. Schools will most likely not do much due to the sensitivity of the topic.

Freshman Nathaniel Pimentel states, “Of course I’ve seen offensive costumes, it’s in some people’s nature to be offensive. Not a real surprise.”

A defense for some of the controversial costumes is that people are too ‘sensitive’ or that it’s ‘harmless’. The people usually stating that are those who look at how much the sensitivity of these costumes were accepted before. Times have certainly changed, opinions have developed.

Pimentel concludes, “But nowadays people it seems like people don’t know what morals are to not react inappropriately to someone.”