A Community That Sticks Together; Gains Succession Together

Brianna Arellano

At the early start of 8:00 AM on October 7th, volunteers, district officials, school staffs, and many throughout the community made their way towards the annual Hacienda La Puente District Open House. The event consisted of many booths and an insight on what the HLPUSD consists of.

The HLPUSD is known for entertainment and fun activities aside from the informative meetings held and speakers. The Los Altos Varsity Dance Team was previously asked to perform for this day to represent Los Altos spirit as well as many other school’s dance teams. Junior dance team member Tiffany Hsu explains, “There was such a great crowd, it was very cool actually. Many parents, students, and even those all around the community came to support.”

The District Open House also consisted of various booths from many different careers. The Los Angeles County Fire Department was present along with the Law Enforcement Academy. Conquerors were exposed to various beneficial fields during this day.

“As a volunteer my job was to work the Los Altos booth and inform parents and students of what it means to be a conqueror. Not only do I receive community service hours, but I was able to speak to alumni, future conquerors, and principles from other schools.” Expresses Senior ASB member Josie Osborn.

Although it had been nearly 100 degrees outside, the event remained very enjoyable due to those who spent weeks of preparing for the event. The annual District Open House is purposely meant for the exposure to various schools and activities in the district.

With generous thoughts in mind, the open house consisted of raffles, scholarship application guidance, and even live music on the center stage. Junior Sofia De La Cruz states, “I was one of the winners for the raffle as I won a 25 dollar gift card. I feel that our community really cares for its people and grants great opportunities. Not too many schools are as involved as a whole community as ours.”

When the clock struck 2:00 PM it was time to wrap the event up and say goodbye to those whom attended. At the end of the day the District Open House granted various exposures for ambitious and success-driven students of the HLPUSD.