Girls to Women Strives to Support Members and Empower Women

Britney Cundiff

Bringing Los Altos students together to talk about important issues, to help each other out in their daily lives, and to empower women are just some of the goals of the new Girls to Women club that meets every Wednesday at lunch in room B4.

During meetings, students address issues they want to bring change to in school and society.  Vice president, Senior Brittney Delgado, speaks for the cabinet about a general issue that plagues society, “There’s a lot of inequalities in the world between men and women.  Now that times are changing, we want to really take advantage of the world we live in today because it’s like our chance to be just as equal as men.  We want to show that women can be just as successful by supporting each other and potentially supporting the different causes women don’t get equal to men.”

As a new club on campus, Girls to Women has potential as Senior Julio Guzman-Garcia explains, “Girls to women can impact our school by providing the guidance for some girls who are scared to go out of their comfort zone and be who they want to be.  Now it is hard for girls because once they step out of their comfort zone, people put them down by slut shaming or making them feel dumb for trying to go above their goals when it really shouldn’t be like that.  I know Girls to Women can prove to anyone that girls and guys are equal and we should join together so women can be heard.”

The members of Girls to Women have high expectations for the club since the club is supporting a good cause.  Freshman Jade Hermosillo says passionately, “I believe that Girls to Women can help other girls realize that they are enough and should respect themselves and love themselves without other people having to tell them things to make them feel better.”

Although there has only been a few meetings, Senior Porscha Romero shares some of the topics she wants to focus on in the club, “I would like to talk about gender equality in sports and in our school’s dress code, as well as the difference of treatment between boys and girls in other countries.”

Delgado looks forward to the future of the club as she explains, “Our long term goals are to donate to women’s homeless shelters and run clothing drives for them.  We also want to create a close bond amongst all our members and we want to make sure everyone feels welcome.”

Girls to Women leaves a lasting impression on its members because of its positive messages such as what Guzman-Garcia says, “Gender shouldn’t have limitations to what a person can do.”