Senior Class Takes Home Clash of the Classes Trophy Again

Bianca Flores

The most epic spirit event of the year took place on Friday night, February 9 in the gym. It was up to the participants to compete in games to earn point for their class, but in the end the class of 2018 came out on top.

Like last year, the freshmen were in the blue corner, sophomores in the red corner, juniors in the white corner, and seniors in the black corner. Everybody arrived around 6:45 dressed head-to-toe in their class color and sat in their decorated section, anxiously waiting for the rally to start.

At 7:00, the rally began with a blast of energy as the intro video played. The spirit competition started off with a decibel challenge, which leadership advisor Chris Reeder lead. After each class “hype video” was played, that class had to do the Conqueror Chant as loud as they could. The class with the loudest chant, measured by a decibel meter, would start off the rally with ten points. Right off the bat, seniors won the challenge with a 107-decibel conqueror chant.

After, the rally was filled with numerous games and challenges like past years, but this year new games were added. For example, games like rubber band cup stack, toilet paper race, and bite me were new additions. However, some anticipated games from previous years were brought back like human chair and battleship.

Another favorite from previous years was brought back, like the ultimate lip sync and dance battle. The lip sync was towards the middle of the rally and featured an adorable freshmen High School Musical duet, a revealing sophomore performance of “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” a junior’s hilarious rendition of “Since You Been Gone,” and an impressive, high-energy rap of “Goosebumps” for the seniors. After the judge’s deliberation, the seniors took first place, freshman second, juniors third, and sophomores last.

The lip sync champion of the night, Senior Ruben Franco states, “I wanted to do the lip sync because I thought that I would do a good job and win for my class because of my personality.” He definitely represented the seniors well, and he admits that the experience, “… felt like I was in a concert.”

The dance battle was also a major hit this year, with the freshman, junior, and senior classes organizing three incredibly entertaining dances. Unfortunately, due to communication issues, the sophomores did not perform a dance, but the other three classes made up for it. Again, the seniors took first place, with juniors in second and freshman in third.

The end of the rally was a nail-biter, with the seniors and juniors neck and neck. However, at the end Reeder announced that the class with the highest attendance (counted by people checking in with their ID’s) earned an extra 20 points. Of course, the seniors came in clutch and clinched first place for the 2018 Clash of the Classes Rally.

Seniors rushed to the floor as soon as the scores were posted on the screen. The rally was followed by a short DJ session with the help of junior Christian Castro. Seniors celebrated their second consecutive COTC by taking turns taking photos with the trophy.

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