Los Altos Academy of Engineering tours Mt. Sac Campus

Karla Galaviz

Two curious seniors and one daring junior were able to create a robot and learn more about engineering programs on a college tour. This month the Los Altos’ Academy of Engineering had the honor to tour and see the engineering program at Mt. Sac.

Three students were able to tour the campus and see how the program functioned. The purpose of the tour was to help the seniors see and learn more about the program and hopefully spark an interest in them.

Senior, Valeria Alcantara said, “I think the trip did allow me to see their program and it did interest me, it also definitely helped and allowed me to see whether I was interested in their program.”

At the college, the students were able to build a small robot.  Senior, Alex Wong elaborates by saying, “the robot was a nice way to preview how the electrical, computer, and manufacturing engineering portions of the program complemented one another,”

According to Alcantara, the most memorable part of the experience was building the robot. Alcantara states, “Building the little robot was pretty fun! I liked programming it and putting it together.”

Wong goes on to say, “the most memorable part was definitely seeing the Haas CNC lathes and Mills.”

Therefore, hopefully more opportunities for students to visit colleges and their programs become available for students to gain new information and prepare for the future.

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