Students Represent Los Altos in Oratory and Rotary Speech Contests

Britney Cundiff

Over the last few weeks, some students at Los Altos have taken up the opportunity to compete in speech contests including the Oratory Contest, the Rotary Contest, and the Lion’s Club Contest.  These students took the prompt for their speeches and used it to express themselves.

The first round of the HLPAA Oratory Contest took place on February 1 at the district board house where Senior Tiffany Liao was selected to compete in regionals.  Liao explains how she connected to her speech, “The prompt, music and how it inspires leadership, really struck a chord with me because music did help me become a better leader as it helped me become a more fearless and outgoing person.”

Meanwhile, Junior Amy Tam has been chosen to compete in the 4-Way Test Rotary Speech Contest with the prompt “Making a Difference.”  Tam shares some details about her speech, “The prompt is very open so it gives you a lot of flexibility with what you want to talk about and it leaves you with infinite possibilities.  I talked about several things in my speech including wrestling, Martin Luther King, and Larry Nassar to name a few.”

Not only will the students get the chance to win scholarship money, but these students will also get experience in public speaking.  Liao expresses, “I think public speaking is fun and it teaches me to think on my feet and be fearless.  I remember the first time I was on stage I was terrified, but as soon as I started speaking, everything felt calm and it was amazing to see that I was able to command an audience.”

In addition, Tam states, “I’m not scared to speak publicly because I have been raised to be proud and confident and have been taught to speak in front of large audiences at a young age.  Though I don’t have a fear of speaking in front of large audiences, I do worry about how I present my speech and how I represent my school and want to make sure I’m doing it properly.”

Both Liao and Tam have worked hard to perfect their speeches in hopes that their messages will be heard.

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