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Exciting Newly Formed Acapella Choir has New Ambitions

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Exciting Newly Formed Acapella Choir has New Ambitions

Aaron Kim

The Chamber Singers is a newly formed acapella group led by Los Altos Choir Director, Mr. Fahey. Made up of 16 singers, this new choir has ambitions of learning difficult material and more advanced classical songs not normally performed.

Four singers of each voice part: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Base now meet every Wednesday and Friday during lunch to practice and work on pieces. With only less than two hours of practice a week and less than a month before the annual choir fall concert, the group’s goal is to get the piece, “O Magnum Mysterium”, performance ready. The piece is composed by Tomas Luis da Victoria and is a classical Latin hymn.

Senior Raymond Arroyo said, “I think this is such a cool experience and I’m so excited, so pumped to create such beautiful music, especially doing it in acapella.” In addition, Junior Amara Overmyer who also got accepted into the Chamber Singers said, “I love making music and to do it with an even smaller group such as this is so incredible. I like the pace we move at, we are all proactive in our learning.”

With a mindset ready to learn and tackle advanced choral pieces, these members understand that their path won’t always be easy. Arroyo said, “With our first piece it’s already completely different for many. We have such a limited time to learn a whole new language in a whole new time signature as well. There is also only four people singing each section so it’s a lot harder and we all need to be more independent now. Still, I can’t wait for all the songs we will perform and learn together as a unit.”

Overmyer said, “I want this group to be a success. I know it can be if we all just put our minds to it and put the effort. Even though it’s only 16 of us singing, I know we can make incredible sounds that fill the entire auditorium.”

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