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Boys Volleyball: Building CIF Material

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Boys Volleyball: Building CIF Material

Danielle Porras

Before any assists can be made in any upcoming matches, boys volleyball tryouts must be held. This year the team is looking for players that can go the distance and meet the goals their captains have set for them as a team.

Monday, September 24 Boys volleyball tryouts were held after school. Tryouts were held after school and the team’s captains, Christopher Kissling, Isaac Treguboff, and Ruben Silva have high hopes that this new team can be up for the task of making it to CIF this year.

This year’s captains have hopes that students who try out do not measure themselves in how well they know the sport but in how much they want to put in the work for the team. “We’re not necessarily looking for the best players out there. We just want to see potential, know that they will listen to our coaches. We’re setting our standards kind of low and then we will build them up into better players because that’s how we started out.” Said Silva.

This set standard is set for both Silva and Treguboff, as Treguboff said, “We just want a player that will show up on time and that are willing to be taught.”

The captains already have their goals set for this year’s team, with only one thing on their mind winning. “We definitely want to make CIF this year because last year we had only missed it by one game. So, we want to make CIF and we want to go farther this year than we did last year,” said Treguboff.

With these high set goals, the captains must first build a team as Silva said, “This year it has been kind of weird it, it’s been kind of like a rebuilding process, because no one knows who we’re playing. We are identifying our strong suits and our weaknesses and improving them.”

Another problem that has arisen for this year’s captains is ensuring that their team can still thrive even after they have graduated. “After our senior year, the whole team will be gone basically because all of us are juniors right now,” said Treguboff as Silva added, “and we’re losing tw seniors this year.”

However, despite these setbacks the boys are confident about their recruits this year as they both agreed. “There are a few that will be really good.” Said Silva and Treguboff.

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