“The Hate You Give” Impacts Lives Of Teenagers


Briana Beverly Munoz

A movie showing two sides including being able to have the best privileges, and being mistakenly accused of a crime. In, “The Hate You Give” directed by George Tillman Jr, came out on October 5th in theaters.

In this movie, the main character Starr played by Amandla Stenberg witnesses a tragic event of a  fatal shooting between her close friend Khalil played by Alger Smith and a police officer.

Senior Alexis Padilla said, “I feel that Starr experienced a horrible event that kids in real life are facing every single day. The movie shows real world situations that individuals can maybe relate to in today’s society.”

Starr is a young teen who was lucky enough to have hard working parents. She also had the opportunity to go to a private school on a scholarship. She knew that she had to really focus in school so that she can get out of the neighborhood that she grew up in.

Hermosillo said, “This movie shows the younger audiences how to understand a problem that may come their way, and learn how to find solutions to end discrimination as a whole.”

This movie gives off emotional, and realistic events that happen every day. Some events include young teenagers getting into trouble with the wrong crowd, and even being mistaken by another teenager’s actions.

Padilla said, “It is sad because kids cannot really be kids anymore they get stuck with the wrong group of friends or just live in a neighborhood where it is no good. This movie showed a lot of those scenes that are realistic. This is why this movie really caught my eye into how crazy society has changed.”

She then began to face pressure, and eagerness from everyone around her community. Starr then begins to feel as if she needs to make her voice be heard, and stand up for what is supposed to be known as being right.

Senior Salma Hermosillo said, “I do think the movie is relatable to teenager’s everyday lives because we are seeing a great comeback of racism and discrimination.”

This movie really gave a realization to both the younger, and older audience to always try their best to stick up to what they believe is wrong. To always know that instead of being silent fight for what is right even if it takes a while to process there is always light at the end of the road for everyone.