Big Mouth Is A Big Hit

Alexis Cardenas

Whether we are insecure about how our body looks, how our voice sounds or maybe even our extremely big mouth. All and all, puberty seems to make everything extremely embarrassing and hard to talk about which is why the Netflix Original series Big Mouth was such a big hit and was able to get a second season. Through its uncomfortable vulgar humor, it shows the truths of how puberty truly is and talks about what everyone seems to be afraid to talk about.

Middle schoolers Nick (Nick Kroll), Andrew (John Mulaney), and Jessi (Jessi Klein) are best friends trying to get through their own forms of puberty with the help of their specially chosen Hormone Monster. Not only are these middle schoolers trying to get through the rough times of puberty, but they are also trying to get through their own misfortunes in their family and personal relationships.

The cast as a whole did a great job playing as these awkward hormonal teens. John Mulaney did a great job at playing a teen boy that was discovering his sexual orientation and everything that comes along with puberty.

The second season brought along some new interesting additional characters. An addition that was hard to like and dislike was the Shame Wizard. This character feed off of the characters and their unpure thoughts, making these teens closed off and embarrassed of themselves and what they do behind closed doors. An episode that really unified all the characters was the eighth episode of the second season because they all finally came to terms with themselves and the fact that they aren’t alone. However, what was disturbing in both the first and second season was the teen’s parents. The variety of the different types of parents was spot on, but they did seem to put a distasteful twist on it as well. There were some parts that were hilarious and some that made one question if what they were watching was really what they were watching. Although it can be shrugged off with an uncomfortable laugh and glance away from the show, it can make the viewer feel very uncomfortable. Nevertheless, everything else was relatable towards both the male and female gender and the different troubles of puberty.

The overall moral and lesson of the show are do not be embarrassed or feel alone about puberty because it happens to everyone. Although some may feel like they are the only one that understands the way that they feel, just know that there are many other people feeling the same way

This show was mostly directed toward a mature adult audience but can also benefit kids going through puberty. Not only does this show take away the purity of teens but it also educates the audience about some very serious topics. Junior Kelly Rios said, “Big Mouth is actually unappreciated because even though it’s dirty, it helps to convey messages about sex and planned parenthood.”  Elaborating more about her thoughts about the show, Rios said, “It shows real problems but in a humorous way to captivate the audience while still getting information out.” The MPAA rating of this movie would have to be TV-MA because along as you are mature, you should be able to watch and fully understand what the message of this show is.