Wreck-It Ralph Breaks The Internet Worldwide



Briana Beverly Munoz

An excitement, and laughter circled around theaters with kids, teens, and adults. The movie was released in theaters on November 21, 2018. Wreck- It Ralph Breaks the Internet was directed by Rich Moore, and Phil Jackson.

Both Ralph voiced by John C. Reilly, and Vanellope voice by Sarah Silverman have a plan after a young girl played the “sugar rush” video game, where Vanellope was controlling the race inside the game.
The steering wheel came off, and it almost shut down the whole game because the steering wheel part was had a bid price of around $220 on Ebay.

Senior Rigo Valadez said, “I was expecting the second movie to not be as good as the first one, but this one had a lot of scenes that I really liked.”

Ralph and Vanellope must risk it all by traveling to the World of WiFi in search of a replacement part to save Vanellope’s video game.

Valadez said, “I understood the main idea and I thought it was a pretty cool sequel to watch.”
Hard challenge came there way as both Ralph and Vanellope had to rely on the citizens of the internet, and even the netizens. It was there only luck in helping find ebay.

Ramon Morales said, “I love the way both Ralph and Vanellope work as a team it just shows that best friends really will be there for one another.”

Once they found the missing part they had to pay money or currency which they did not have. In order to be able to buy the part for the “Sugar Rush” game they needed to think of a way to get money.
Luckily they spotted a building where every Citizen and Netizen were getting directed to. When entering the huge building called BuzzTube they met Yesss voiced by Taraji P. Henson. She was the head of the Buzztube Headquarters.

She helped them out by saying in order to get money they need to make funny videos that get over a certain amount of likes. That was a genius idea that led to success.

Morales said, “This movie has a lot of comedic scenes, and I loved that the WiFi station had various familiar websites, and apps that I use in a daily basis it just looked very realistic which I thought was actually smart.”

Though there was various obstacles while entering into the WiFi station Ralph and Vanellope managed to succeed in making sure her game was not discontinued at the Litwak Arcade. However, Vanellope found a new place to call home and wanted to spend the rest of her life in the WiFi Station.