AVID Has Created Successful Students #COLLEGE-BOUND

Briana Beverly Munoz

With the help of fellow peers, and the help of tutorial groups AVID is most known as a program that helps prepare students who want to further their education in college. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

It also helps students develop and learn the skills they will need in order to succeed. It also provides various help from other students within the class period. Students also learn to interact with one another in groups called tutorials.

Senior Alex Martinez said, “At first I wasn’t too sure about signing up because of the amount of work load, but it was the best decision I possibly could of made. AVID led me to meet an amazing group of bright talented students who have the same passion as I do which is to be successful in our future and society.”

Many schools have different rules if a student may want to join. At Los Altos you can be accepted into the program either freshman year or sophomore year.

The program is a college preparatory class that helps students develop organization skills, communication, and college readiness.

Senior Jennifer Munguia said, “The best thing that I have learned throughout my years of being in this program is that there is always going to be help for either financial or academic help in college and at school.”

Avid has also benefited the seniors mostly because the program gives students more access within applying for college. Students take the help for granted, but AVID students feel that the class has helped them one step closer into college.

Martinez said, “The AVID program does benefit me because it gave me an exposure to life after high school, the variety of options of college to attend, and learn how to complete important information like FAFSA, Resume, and college applications.”

The class introduces the seniors to websites such as college board, and common application. Some students had no clue what either if those were until the month that colleges started opening up their applications to high school students.

Munguia said, “Knowing about the websites my teacher showed us in AVID benefit me because now I can teach my sister how to apply or see the schools she likes when it’s her turn to apply to colleges.”

AVID has grown to having many schools make it a class. Students have more opportunities to be prepared, and aware of what to expect once they walk through those college doors.