Girls Basketball Notches First Win of the Season

Jenica Hernandez

As the Los Altos Girls basketball team brought out their basketball shoes and proudly wore the LA logo on their jerseys, the Torrance Tartars began to warm up on the other side of the court for their first matchup of the preseason. The game took place on November 29 at Torrance High School, and it was surely a day the Lady Conquerors were preparing for. It would be the first game they play together in a while, even after all their hard work at practices and outside tournaments.

Junior Madelyn Roel said,” The aspects that helped us throughout the game would be how we communicate on the court and keep the energy level consistently high.”

As the game began the girls made sure to start out games the way they always do, by scoring first and fast. Running effective plays helped the girls with consistent offense and their defense helped make up any lost points.

By the end of the first quarter, the girls were convinced they needed to work harder in order to beat the Tartars and they pulled out all the stops. The Lady Conquerors put pressure on the Torrance guards, making it difficult for them to score. When the girls got the ball they made sure to score using plays and smart decisions that protected the ball.

Roel said, “What we learned is that we need to finish at the basket more instead of focusing on getting contact and forgetting about actually scoring.”

By halftime, the girls were up by just 6 points when they regrouped in the visitor locker room. After going over the first half with their coaches and talking amongst each other, the girls came back out determined to start their season 1-0.

It was as if another team had walked out of the locker room at the start of the second half. The girls pushed the Lady Tartars with their defensive abilities and scored with their speed and agility. The smaller guards used their speed while the post players used their size and length to box the other team out.

Coach Danny Rodriguez said, “Playing harder teams help us compete at the higher level. Playing harder teams expose what we need to work on and what we are lacking.” Rodriguez added, “We will continue to reinforce our deficiencies and continue to strengthen what we are good at”.

The girls ended the game winning by 14 points with a final score of 60-34. This gave them their first win of the season. Their next game is on December 5th against Don Lugo High School in the first game of the Roosevelt Lady Mustang Tournament.