Choir Concert Spreads Holiday Cheer

Giovanna Fernandez

The bite of the cold air faded away as people entered and seated themselves in the chairs that remained. Behind the stage, several teens waited excitedly, dressed nicely for the upcoming performance.

Finally, the Los Altos Prestige started the show by breaking out in song, dressed in sparkling attire that made their performance burst with life. As their voices harmonized, the true holiday spirit could be felt throughout the room. It was one of the many amazing performances to come from the entertainment unit.

The Winter Choir Concert took place at the Hacienda Heights Community Center on December 4th with one showing at 6PM and the other at 8PM. The show featured performances from Prestige, the Women’s Ensemble, LA Rhythm, Men’s Choir, LA Harmony, and the Chamber Singers. The Newton Middle School Choir also made an appearance, being newly led by choir director Mr. Fahey.

“On Mondays, we would rehearse our dancing as well as our singing. During the even block days we would mainly sing and would pluck out things we could work on that would help us improve for the concert lyric-wise, diction, memorization, and facial expressions,” said senior and president of the Women’s Ensemble Cielo Martinez.

That night, the Women’s Ensemble belted beautiful pieces such as “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” and classics like “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

“In my opinion, every choir did amazing; you could see all the passion coming out of everyone and they all just seemed very happy. It was much better than last year,” said Martinez.

Everyone gave a great effort and it was clear that each student standing on the stage did their part in distributing the joy of the winter season through the music.

“I found choir to be more fun than I thought. It’s really exciting feeling the energy of everybody at concerts; there’s some who are really nervous, and some people who are calmer,” said freshman and LA Harmony member Isabela Santiago.

Despite the stage fright that takes hold of some, the choirs put on a memorable show.

“When you’re up there, hearing everyone sing and seeing what you worked hard for come together is an amazing thing,” said Santiago.