Student Showcases Original Choreography in Dance Concert

Elias Robles

Winter is here which means time for holiday showcases for the different programs a part of the LAEU. The dance team worked hard to put on their holiday show on December 13, featuring choreography made by students themselves.

Students tried out for the chance for their choreography to be put in the program. While not everyone’s was selected, every dancer will be showcased in another’s dance. Those who were chosen, like Freshman Jueliza Mainit, were more than excited.

Mainit has been working hard to get her group dance number to where it needs to be for the upcoming performance. The show will highlight the dancer’s of Los Altos’ dance skills and ability to put together their own dance.

Mainit said, “I was so satisfied to know my hard work paid off. I was excited and passionate to continue choreographing my own piece.”

The dance is a jazz piece to “This is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman”. Mainit’s inspiration for the dance was that song and movie overall, as she knew right away she wanted to dance to Keala Settle’s powerful vocals.

Mainit has not only been able to choreograph her own dance but also teach it to those in her group, helping them every step of the way.

Sophomore Ariana Villanueva said, “She taught the dance at a pace where we were able to learn it, helped us with what we needed help on, and corrected us when we needed it.”

Countless hours of hard work have gone behind her number, as she has fought through all the challenges and obstacles that come with putting together a dance she has faced along this journey. Despite these challenges faced, the satisfaction of seeing the dance come together makes all the work worth it to Mainit.

Mainit said, “Seeing my choreography come to life is so amazing. It’s very rewarding to know that everything pays off. I love my dance so much and I hope others do too.”

Her dedication to the dance has had a major impact on many including herself and those participating in her number. Mainit’s leadership and dance skills have shined through this dance.

Sophomore Jasmine Valencia said, “She prepared us very well as a choreographer by going through the choreography step by step and taking time to work with us dancers individually until we felt comfortable with the routine. I believe we are very ready to perform because we have spent countless hours putting this piece together and mastering it.”

Mainit’s piece was truly unforgettable, as the moves that graced the stage were not only done by students, but made by a student. Mainit and the group put their best foot forward for the audience, having all their hard work truly pay off.