Oscar Nominations Strikes Controversy Among Critics and Viewers


Elias Robles

With February 24 around the corner, the 91st Oscars are near. The Academy Awards are held yearly to recognize the work in film throughout the year. Many anticipate this day, as people root for their favorite movies of 2018 to take home awards.

Although there are many nominations that were well deserved to the public eye, this year’s nominations has brought a good amount of controversy. Some movies are viewed as undeserving of their spots, and some are viewed as underrated in the nominations.

Many of these negative opinions revolve around the category of “Best Picture”. Many have been bothered by the fact that “Bohemian Rhapsody” was nominated for this category. The movie told the story of Freddy Mercury and the band “Queen”. The filmed attracted many  positive reviews, but also many comments on the fact that the film rearranged Mercury’s life events in such an order to create a more dramatic plotline for the screen. The opinions on this situation vary from viewer to viewer, with some seeing this flaw and others enjoying the movie for what it was.

Freshman Jackie Moriel said, “I found nothing wrong with this film and believe that it is perfectly eligible for ‘Best Picture’. I don’t see what others see wrong with it.”

The category for “Best Picture” was able to hold 10 nominees, but only 8 movies were nominated. The issue is, there were other movies to fill in this spot. Opinions rose from fans and critics of the movie “Hereditary”, as they believed it was snubbed of the “Best Picture” nomination it deserved. Not only that, but the main actress of the movie, Toni Collette, was not nominated for her stellar performance.

Moriel said, “Hereditary deserved much more than it got, which was absolutely nothing. This is the issue with this years nominations. Movies that should have been nominated were not.”

Another movie robbed of its deserving awards was “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”, being a frontrunner for “Best Documentary Feature” due to its reviews and box office success. Many were confused and bothered by this.

Freshman Aiyanah Mitchell said, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor was an amazing documentary. It’s so weird how that wasn’t nominated even though it was extremely successful overall.”

Many fans were also bothered this year due to actor Timothee Chalamet not being nominated for his supporting role in “Beautiful Boy” while Sam Rockwell was nominated for his impression performance in “Vice”. Chalamet put his full effort to develop his character while Rockwell simply did an impression of George W. Bush.

Overall, there were many award nominations that most expected and were not there, but there were multiple movies which rightfully earned multiple nominations such as “A Star is Born” and “Green Book”.

Mitchell said, “There were many let downs this year with the nominations, but in the end, movies that deserved their nominations were nominated so it all balances out.”