LAHS Welcomes Middle School Debate League to Campus


Briana Trujillo

Los Altos welcomed middle schoolers from Orange County to host a debate tournament in which prospered to the Los Angeles County.

On February 9, 2019, Los Altos High School hosted the Orange County Debate League (OCDL) Winter Classic Tournament for middle schoolers. Orange County middle schools such as, Buena Park Junior High, Fairmont Private School: Anaheim Hills, Fairmont Private School: Historic Anaheim, Heritage Oak Private Education, Newton Middle School, and many more middle schools.

The tournament consisted of four rounds with three topics. The three topics were: Cash bail systems do more harm than good, it is wrong for teachers to go on strike, and the Orange County Debate League (OCDL) should formally adopt A-R-E-S-R.

Many high schoolers from both Los Altos and Glen A. Wilson High School participated to judge/train to become a judge under the school affiliation of Newton Middle School. NMS participates under this debate league and prior members such as, Alex Juarez, Karen Rivera, Adrian Lopez, and Briana Trujillo, were able to judge in this tournament.

Unlike many other tournaments, Los Altos High School hosted the OCDL tournament. Prior schools such as, Buena Park Junior High School and Buena Park High School, hosted this event.

Certified Judge from Glen A. Wilson High School Miranda Meng said, “I like the idea of having the tournament at Los Altos because it makes traveling a lot easier and something about it being closer makes me feel more involved than I ever did at Buena Park High/Middle School?”

Many prior members from Newton Middle School became certified judges that tournament such as Elias Robles, Adrian Lopez, Miranda Meng, Mindy Rodriquez. Under the direct of Joseph Shin, the members were inspired to become judges for the debate league.

Meng said, “I love the idea of being a judge and helping young debaters become better/more advanced and give them advise but I have to admit, being a judge is a bit challenging due to the huge responsibility of giving middle schoolers speaker scores and giving them who won and why.”