Business Teacher Motivates Students through Positive Lessons

By: Elias Robles

Once hearing him speak, students realize that the new Marketing, Finance, and Management teacher, Jason Gervais, has his own way of teaching the seemingly simple topic. Not only does he give his students insight on the business and economic world, but as well as how to overall better your life with simple actions.

Coming from Workman High School, Gervais is a new face on campus, but through his lessons and encouraging personality, he is already a significant figure on campus. While teaching the course, he adds his own energy with his positive life lessons.

Sophomore Giovanna Fernandez said, “The mindset he tries to instill in his students is something that I haven’t seen from any other teachers as strongly as he does. He always tries to keep us motivated and not think about certain things as negatively as we do.”

Gervais’ Business and Personal Finance course teaches students about economic and business world related topic that are to be beneficial once students reach their adult years. The course focuses on ideas such as budgeting, interview etiquette, taxes, etc.

As a teacher, Gervais goes through the material, but as a mentor, he teaches his students about keeping a positive attitude through gratitude and optimism, supporting the idea that it only takes small actions to improve anyone’s everyday life.

Teacher Jason Gervais said, “I talk about that mindset so much because I was in my 30s when I figured that out and got the proper coaching, and if I can talk to a teenager and give them that, it gives them literally two decades of lead time that I didn’t have. Think about how much more powerful that person would be?”

Gervais is also introducing the idea of trips new to Los Altos, both for his classes only and also for anyone on campus. His upcoming trip is taking over 90 female students to the annual Girls Build Hello Future event, a two-day convention featuring STEAM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics based career paths, giving students the chance to explore various career paths that are male heavy as of now.

“The trips he is introducing are really good because I’ve never had a teacher motivate kids this much to see career opportunities and be prepared for adult life, thinking ahead,” said Fernandez.

Throughout the year, he plans on taking his business students to different places such as the Microsoft store in Century, the In-N-Out University, and the Federal Reserve, all a part of his courses, providing experiences no teachers can provide on campus.

“The whole idea behind field trips is to get people outside of where they normally are. Most people stay within a 6-10 mile radius and outside of that, they don’t know what exists. So, the idea is to get people outside of their radius to see what is out there, giving students an opportunity to see what they can learn, what they can see, and who they can meet,” said Gervais.

After only the first period of the school year, Gervais has already made an impact on his students and the campus as a whole, with his planned trips and contagious positive attitude.

“What motivates me to stay positive are my failures and breakdowns, from carrying things forward from my childhood, learning things from mentors and coaches, both in sports and business. From talking with them and working on myself, I learned that I had to change my mindset and way of thinking so I can leave the things that were dragging me down behind so I can move forward,” said Gervais.

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