Long Time Best Friends Encourage One Another with Support

Kimberly Gonzalez

          Cross country and track runners Anahi Arellano and Leah Ortega continue to build longtime friendship by pushing each other as they cross the finish line.

Friends since elementary Anahi and Leah have gotten the chance to see each other grow in both academics and sports.

Anahi had been in cross country in elementary but began to continue to pursue her passion for running  throughout her high school career while Leah was influenced by Anahi to join the team in her junior year. And since then Anahi has been an amazing friend and teammate on the field.

Senior Leah Ortega, “She is fun to spend time with while running. She’ll always make me and the rest of the girls laugh during our runs and always bring a smile to your face.”

As high school progresses to be a very huge life changing four years, Anahi can say that Leah has definitely helped it become easier.

Senior Anahi Arellano said, “The things admire about Leah is how she is the kindest, most loyal, and trustful person you could ever meet. There is not a single time in my entire life where I have heard a negative comment from her.”

The duo have had the opportunity to run or a year and throughout that year have pushed each other not to eat any unhealthy foods and bring one another healthy snacks before practices.

Not only do they give each other acts of kindness but help one another to grow in sports.

“During our runs, whenever I get tired Anahi would say, ‘We’re almost done with our run’ or before a race we would wish each other good luck and say good job after.” Said Ortega.

The long time best friends will continue to help each other grow throughout the rest of their time as seniors, in and out of school, always giving each other positive vibes and being supportive friends. It is evident that their friendship will always keep growing.

“We met each other in second grade and ever since then, we’ve been through everything together.” Said Arellano.