Black Lives Matter Movement Sparks after Multiple Innocent Peoples Deaths

Black Lives Matter Movement Sparks after Multiple Innocent Peoples Deaths

  As social media continues to grow rapidly everyday more videos have begun surfacing with the gruesome murder of innocent black lives. The influence social media has had in the world is outstanding with many people finally being able to capture video evidence of brutal acts such as these.

With the recent surface of a harsh 8 minutes and 46 second video of the murder of George Floyd outraged spark with many saying “Enough is enough” and protesting for justice.

Many young people (prefer to label themselves as Generation Z) have spoken out supporting the movement making many believe that this is the biggest movement in history.

Supporters of this movement range from LAHS ASB to the students at school posting #BLACKOUTTUESDAY which was a black screen that signified one’s support for their black peers and the movement itself.

Los Altos has even made a whole page dedicated to diversity and inclusion to show the importance of accepting everyone no matter their background. On the biography of the Instagram account it states a quote from Winon LaDuke.

“There is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals”

As the movement grows and obtains more supporters it is not without backlash with many people setting it aside and trending “#AllLivesMatter” in response to #BlackLivesMatter. Angering many individuals who feel that they’re just doing it too disregard what the BLM movement stands for which is equality for all.

Senior Jordan Tovar said, “I absolutely do believe in BLM it’s an amazing that it allows black voices to finally be heard and fight for their own freedom which they’ve been doing for years, but are finally getting support from more people.”

As of September 15, 781 people have died due to police violence in 2020 according to which is an average of three people a day in this year only with most victims ranging from ages 20-40 years old.