Flea Market: Small Business “Treats n Sweets”


Different treats and sweets for displayed on Instagram. Image by Jacky Ortega.

As a first-time vendor in the Spring Flea Market, sophomore Jacky Ortega felt accomplished after selling out her cake pops, cheesecake, and pretzel rods in the quad of Los Altos High School.

Ortega started her small business at the beginning of 2022. At first, she only sold cake pops but gradually started adding more and more sweets to grow her business. “At first I would just make chocolate strawberries for my mom when I had free time, and I really enjoyed making cakes and other desserts. When February came around I decided to send it and start off by creating my Instagram account and going around telling friends what I was selling,” Ortega said.

The Spring Flea Market allowed Ortega to participate as a vendor and to potentially grow her small business. Ortega said, “I really enjoyed this experience in the flea market because everyone was so supportive and kind. Overall it was very nice and I’m glad I could be a part of it. I was surprised I sold out and I’m really thankful for everyone who bought from me!”

Since it was Ortega’s first time at the flea market as a vendor, she felt hesitant about her small business and about how people thought of her business. “At first I felt kind of lost because I was scared of people not liking what I was selling or hearing negative comments about my prices. However I’m glad I had my friends Alyna and Ivy to help me,” Ortega said.

Ortega saw this flea market as an opportunity for her small business to grow. Although she had just started her business, she feels that the flea market will greatly help her business.

“The flea market helped my business grow, since it was a way for people to discover my business,” Ortega said. “I gained some new followers and customers on my Instagram, @treatsnsweets15, and I’m very thankful for everyone who supported me! I am still selling on Instagram, so anyone can message me to order any sweets.”