AP Language Students are Beginning to Film the Puritan Life-Style

The first official AP Language and Composition project assigned by Esteban Hernandez, the AP Language and Composition teacher, is a video project on the playwright, The Crucible

The objective is to pretend to be a news channel and report on The Salem Witch Trials. Hernandez hoped that this project allowed people to bond and be closer together.

“I always try to think of enrichment projects or activities that are collaborative,” said Esteban Hernandez, AP Language teacher. 

On top of the hopes for collaboration, he hoped students would create memories with one another.

“My hope, honestly, is that students got to collaborate and to make some sort of like memories because they were having fun working together,” said Hernandez.

When given to the students, their first thought was how time-consuming and challenging the assignment was. 

“I think it was more of a hassle because of my personal schedule because after the script, it didn’t take that long,” said Junior, Fionina Tung. 

Despite the difficulty in finding filming times, it didn’t wear Tung or her group mates down. Instead, this project offered a bonding experience.

“I had a lot of fun doing it and our result was good so I feel good about it…it was a team bonding project that was also educational,” said Tung.