Hernandez Helps Bandage Hope for Students

The Health Sciences teacher, Ignacio Hernandez has a way of understanding students, while having a great and fun way of teaching and connecting with everyone making everyone feel welcome in the classroom. 

Hernandez tries to understand why students feel that way and tries to help them overcome that feeling. 

Freshman Violet Olmos, who took his Medical Core class, during the summer of 2022, said “He really wants to be patient with us and form bonds with his students so that they feel like they can be heard and understood.” 

Hernandez’s way of teaching makes it fun for students to learn. In the summer school Medical Core class, as students prepared for the test on the human bones and muscles, Hernandez had his students practice on their friends where the bones were located. He made everyone laugh at all the jokes he makes and allowed fooling around with your friends to be ok, even while working. 

“I teach the way I’d like to be taught,” said Hernandez. 

He also tries his best to connect with the students as to their mental health or problems at home. He’ll talk with you to make sure you’re ok and try to cheer you up so you could have a great time. 

Olmos said, “Mental Health is a very sensitive and serious thing that shouldn’t be ignored

and I think in his eyes it’s his number one priority to make sure we’re all okay. He has a very big heart and when I first stepped into his classroom it knew that he is going to be a fun teacher, he also gives out good vibes and the stories and jokes he tells are super funny.”