Jazmine Simental: From Starting to the Sidelines

Sophomore Jazmine Simental, In a matter of days went from being a Varsity Starter to sitting on the sidelines. But that all changed this volleyball season, when the worst possible injury could happen, a torn back. 

There are many muscles in the entire body, and many are located in the back, pulling your back muscles and spraining them requires a lot of strain and over excretion of your muscles, tearing the muscles in your back requires a vast amount of exertion and pressure. 

“It was near the end of the set, I could feel my back was tight, and I don’t remember what I did, but I felt a pop and a rush of pain, I continued to play and didn’t feel the full extent of the pain till after our game” ,said Jazmine Simental. 

Volleyball’s physical strain can cause this issue. Players are expected to dive, contort their bodies into numerous positions when trying to get a ball up and score a point. Not to mention if you collide with another player or fall incorrectly. 

Days after her injury Simental continued to play through the pain, without a doubt making her injury worse. 

“When I went to the doctor, they told me I tore my back and I couldn’t play sports until further notice. I was given a back brace, which I still don’t wear often,” said Simental.