The Shaping of Our Youth Throughout Social Media

Social Media followers tend to follow trends around social media not getting the ideas from their own thoughts, such as big social media stars as they are copying their personalities which thus kills an adolescent’s individuality. 

Stephen Mack’s English 3 class assignment consisted of finding out about a person’s own individuality. The purpose was to gain insight into a person’s life by only asking interview like questions. “When I was younger I used to be jealous of my older sister because she was able to do things I couldn’t.” Junior Madelyn Sanchez said, “I realized I did not want to be her, so I grew into my own personality and formed my own lifestyle.” 

Social media influencers are now shaping the youth’s life by sharing their own thoughts and opinions. These social media stars are publicizing their views onto the younger audience. These younger audiences are now mirroring the opinions of the social media stars saying these views. This can cause many problems on school campuses. 

Sophomore Sonny Gonzalez said, “I feel that people just like following the crowd, most of the people on campus try too hard to act like someone they aren’t.” 

People usually change who they are just to impress someone else. This usually causes people to think another way to a person as they change personalities to others. 

“ People’s personalities sometimes change with trending social media stars, these stars tend to set a foundation for people to follow.” said Gonzalez. 

Social media stars such as Mr. Beast tend to set trends and influence their younger audience.

Gonzalez said, “ Mr. Beast is an inspirational person by planting trees, and also donating money to followers.”