Educators Race Across America

Deirdre Mann has been selected to compete in a cyclist competition, Race Across America. Mann has been selected to compete in the most competitive competition as it consists of cycling across America. 

“I am the only woman on that team, but for me I don’t feel too bad because I’m used to cycling with a lot of guys.” Mann said, “most of the guys realize women can be just as strong as guys.” Race Across America, is a competition on how fast a team can travel on a bicycle from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland in the shortest time possible. 

Many cyclists just cycle for health reasons, but many extremists love traveling the distance. These distances covered may cause extreme fatigue even during harsh weather conditions. “My longest bike ride was 750 miles, which started in Davis to Taho.” Said Mann, “two loops at elevation through the mountains then rode back to Davis.” 

Many people’s reasons for bike riding are to get healthy. These things are the best benefits to bike riding, also giving people a space of mind through problems. 

Mann said, “ I am very excited, not nervous yet; I have a couple races before Race Across America, like a 380 mile ride coming up in April.” 

Mann cycles mainly for healthy reasons These reasons can include fighting off infectious disease and also strengthening many muscles in the process. 

“I started cycling because I like being outside, with fitness being a byproduct.” Mann said, “having friends that love riding and push me to do better.”