Saul “Pepe” Lozada: Born To Be A Barrel Racer

Saul “Pepe” Lozada, World Champion Barrel Racer, born and raised in Long Beach, California, has been a Barrel Racer his whole life. Starting as a childhood dream now a reality during his early 40’s. 

“It’s not only a sport, but it’s a culture,” said Lozada, “It’s in the blood because my mom loved horses and I had that burning passion to want to barrel race.”

While growing up in Long Beach, Lozada was able to continuously be around horses and the sport of barrel racing, allowing his passion for the sport to grow into his career.
“Even when I was a little kid I was out there just trying to ride the barrels,” said Lozada, “I’m 41 years old now, and  I am a world champion barrel racer.”

Lozada is out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, competing in a sport that is dominated by straight men and women.
“There is a lot of stigma because they are like, oh you’re gay, and the straight people probably don’t like you,” Lozada said, “ But we are in 2023, I get out there and ride with the best of them… we are brothers and sisters.” 

Lozada is a part of the International Gay Rodeo Association, a group made up of numerous chapters from the United States and Canada. 

Lozada said, “I’ve been blessed that I get paid to gay rodeo. I’m even sponsored by a personal lubricant company, Gun Oil Lube.”

Gun Oil Lube pays Lozada to advertise and promote their product, even paying to have him compete, covering his competition entry fees. 

“I’m tucked away in the heart of North Long Beach,” said Lozada, “So I ride my horses in the LA county river, and tuck them away in my backyard.” 

Lozada wouldn’t have made it here without his drive, passion, dedication, and determination to the sport of barrel racing. 

“I know what I want out of life and that is what everyone is missing, if you know what you want in life then you can make it,” Lozada said, “It’s all you never know what’s going to happen. You just have to keep going.”