Sprinting Towards A New Track and Field Season

Track is not only about running, it is about endurance and pacing yourself, but track also consists of jumping and throwing, which makes the sport challenging. 

Track and Field Coach Esteban Hernandez said, “We have a really big team and a high demand for all the different events that we do. I think track has the most options for people that are interested in doing a sport.”

Training for Track does not just include running, practices also consist of intense workouts to get the team in shape for season meets.
Junior Jocelyn Hernandez said, “Once you’re putting yourself through that workout then after that you are going to feel accomplished because you are going to see that improvement when you race.”

Most students join sports to become stronger, more athletic, and healthy. Others may join because they have a passion for it, which allows an escape from reality to clear their mind. Joining a sport also takes a lot of dedication and time out of one’s day. 

Sophomore Melanie Loza said, “My parents wanted me to do a sport…, but at the same time it’s like for stress and to not just be in school work.”

Not only do kids join sports for their athletic abilities, but they also may join because of the friendships they can might make or to strengthen the ones that they already have., or maybe to make new friendships.
“I feel like right now we’re a little bit, you know, apart, but I feel like we can grow into a family,.” said Junior Jocelyn, “Everybody here knows everyone and we’re all pretty close. If you are new then you are going to get used to everyone.”

Track is an underrated sport yet it has a lot of branches someone can try out for, or do. Running may be the main part of the entire sport, but there is a position for everyone on the team.
Coach Hernandez said, “I have a respect for all the events, but because I was always a distance runner in high school, I have a bias towards the distance events and I really love distance running. It’s not to say that I favor the distance over any other event. They’re all important and we need a balanced team to have success.”