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Arnold Palmer: Athletic Style icon of the 1960’s

Analise Pacheco

“He was very sophisticated, the kind of sophisticated that you wanted to get to know.” remarks Junior Marissa Sarenana on the Professional American Golf player, Arnold Palmer, whom passed away the 25th of this September. Palmer was undoubtedly a talented athlete, winning over 90 golf tournaments worldwide. He was also known for his charisma and overall glowing personality. As photo montages play, and the legend is remembered, one thing is clear to the eye – Palmer undeniably had an impeccable sense of style.

During the prime of his career, Arnold Palmer developed his own group of fans, who called themselves “Arnie’s Army”. Part of the reason Palmer was able to grow such a fan base was in thanks to his style. Palmer had the casual composure of an everyday man- while looking like a movie star. What Palmer wore and how he wore contributed to his success.

Unlike golfers before him, Palmer let loose by wearing his polo unbuttoned making room for his neck to breath and move. This set a casual vibe to his otherwise clean cut and tapered style. His attention to detail is acknowledged, junior Erika Galvan notes how “his clothing looks ironed and fitted, and he makes it look effortless.” Palmer was also known for his knitwear, sporting a combination to be soon replicated- the mock turtleneck and cardigan combo. While Palmer was relaxed, he always remained sophisticated by tucking in his polos into his pleated gabardine trousers or chinos.

When shown pictures of the icon, students react with instant attraction. Galvan expresses “he dressed very cool and you can tell he cared about his appearance and outfits.” Sarenana reacted with “You can tell by just looking at him that he’s very sophisticated.”

Even as style changed, bringing more patterns and vivid colors in the seventies, Palmer’s style remained consistent in fit, neatness and comfort. However, Palmer is remembered most for his iconic image of mid-century athletic sophistication.

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