Passengers came out in theaters on December 21, 2016. This movie stars actors Jenifer Lawrence, and Chris Pratt. Passenger has a bit of action in it, but also has a twist of romance. It is a movie that is worth seeing.


This movies journey and purpose was to go to a new planet and start a new life. The films setting was on an Avalon spacecraft that was set to take approximately 120 years to launch. About 5,000 passengers wanted to go and start a new life over.  Character Jim (Chris Pratt) woke up 90 years sooner than the rest because his pod had malfunctioned which caused him to wake up earlier than expected. Sophomore Cayla Otec said, “I wonder why Jim’s pod was the only one that malfunctioned and no one else’s malfunctioned. “


A worker who was an android named Arthur he was programmed to only work at the bar every night. Jim spent one year on the ship in isolation doing what he desired until one day he felt lonely which led him to meet a journalists on accident. He wanted to get more information on her which led him to want to wake up Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). It was The Avalon spacecraft that led both characters to really fall in love. Sophomore Adali Arias added, “I have nothing bad to say about this movie their way of falling in love was truly love at first sight. I’m glad Jim woke her up before time because if he didn’t they would have not fallen in love.”


The two started going on small dates to the bar where the android Arthur hosted them every night. They explored the whole ship together, which really made the both realize it was not such a bad idea to have met. For Jim he thought it was a good thing he happened to come across her pod. Sophomore Kassandra Diaz commented, “The movie in general was great, the way it was set up was very well structured I am glad that this movie had a bit of romance because I love when movies have a cute ending.”


Jim and Aurora both had a reason to be on the starship Avalon. Aurora was a writer and wanted to go to this new planet and study it to write her own novel on the experience. She would then plan to go back to earth so she can publish it. Jim was a mechanical engineer who wanted to move to a new planet and start his life over with no worries. Arias also added, “Both characters were really brave to line on a spacecraft for the rest of their lives without seeing the new planet. They lived the rest of their life to the fullest together.”

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