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Los Altos High School Journalism Students produce two publications: The Conqueror newspaper and (powered by SNOsites) to over 2,000 readers.

LAHS Journalism students are proud and active members of the Journalism Education Association (JEA) at the regional, state, and national levels.

Creative and committed students are needed to build our staff. Writers, photographers, cartoonists, layout designers, and copy editors are welcome to join our team.

Journalism meets Tuesdays to Fridays, during this course of one year, for a 55 minute zero period.

Our journalism team produces student leaders of quality publications who are now attending Stanford, Vanguard, UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, University of San Francisco, and Whittier College.

Additionally, the LAHS Journalism staff competes at the regional, state, and national write-off competitions. These competitions include writing, photography, graphic design, cartooning, and broadcast packaging.

Beginning Spring of 2018, we have joined The Los Angeles Times High School Insider student journalism team. The HS Insider program partners high school journalism teams with professional journalists and photographers.

 Recruitment of the Journalism staff begins towards the end of the school year. An application Google form will be available when recruitment period begins. 

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