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Sophomore Serena Wong focuses on getting the right posture to hit the ball. Photo by Rufina Chow

Sports Defined Not by Thrill, But by Techniques

Rufina Chow March 30, 2021

When most people think of golf, they imagine simply standing there, lifting the club, and the ball will fly straight. As simple as that. Unlike other sports, golf requires extreme patience and critical...

Twitch grows in popularity during quarantine inspiring students to pick up a game controller and stream. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

Minecraft Twitch Streamers Positively Influence Students

Zara Fiaz February 17, 2021

As the Minecraft rage takes the world by storm, apps such as Twitter constantly display Twitch streamers trending, to the point that students have taken keen notice and are either entranced by the streamers...

The pandemic has made getting your permit and license more difficult, but its still possible to get your license and get on the road. Photo by Rufina Chow

Driving Through a Pandemic

Rufina Chow February 17, 2021

Because of the pandemic, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has been shut down, and along with it the driver’s permit and license exam. But now that it has reopened, how are teens getting their permits...

A cold Bernie Sanders swept the stage at the inauguration. Graphic by Karen Rivera

Mitten, Memes, and Momentum

Karen Rivera February 17, 2021

While President Joe Biden was being sworn into office, he was quickly outshined by the rampant discourse surrounding a certain pair of mittens worn by Bernie Sanders. Junior Isabella Lopez said, “Since...

Microphone help enhance students experiences in online classes, maximizing their audio quality. Photo by Sergio Morales

Microphones for better audio quality during online classes

Sergio Morales November 22, 2020

As students go further into the school year with distance learning, getting good audio quality in online classes can be very useful. A USB microphone should be the next thing on your gift shopping list...


Importance of Generation Z Getting Involved In Politics

Emma Arredondo October 29, 2020

Our country is currently facing major division among its citizens due to the upcoming presidential election on November 3rd. Our country should not be influenced or governed by those who do not believe...

The standard mask is carelessly discarded on American streets nowadays as more people ignore pandemic safety measures. Photo by Giovanna Fernandez

In Person Learning a Challenge Under the Specter of Covid

Emma Arredondo October 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly throughout the U.S. in March, shutting down everything from schools to offices and religious establishments. Residents of multiple states, including California, were...

Are Social Media Influencers Bad Influences on Youth?

Emma Arredondo October 14, 2020

The country is facing a difficult time amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many bored while stuck at home. Many teens have turned to TikTok to cure that boredom, spending multiple hours a day,...

Photo by Ismael Torres

Ibanez VS. Fender Guía Del Guitarrista De Inicio

Ismael Torres November 20, 2019

Buscar guitarras para un nuevo pasatiempo puede ser difícil. Muchos nombres y tipos a veces pueden ser abrumadores, y puedes llegar a sentirte perdido por no saber cómo comenzar a desesperarte y querer...

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