The Conqueror

Harvard Hurting More Than Helping

Megan Hackbarth

November 27, 2018

The highly watched trial of Students for Fair Admissions versus Harvard University has recently begun and has put the policy of Affirmative Action into the spotlight. This policy was first introduced in 1961, by President John...

Trump Administration’s New Plan Sparks Conversation and Tension

Giovanna Fernandez

November 15, 2018

All over the United States, members of the transgender community are in fear of being silenced once again as the Trump-Pence Administration plans to define them out of existence. The Department of Health and Human Services i...

Controversial’ Halloween Costumes: Let’s Talk About That

Jasmine Fuentes

October 31, 2017

Halloween in schools are usually filled with harmless fun, classmates and teachers dressed in funny or clever costumes. However, when Halloween falls on a weekday, there is some controversy that comes with it. This may effect...

Suicide Squad: The Little Movie That Couldn’t

Mateo Sandoval

August 18, 2016

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is an outright precarious film. It need not be crowned as a pariah, as it basks in the glory of a series of films that persist in individually adding a sense of tire or indifference. Man of Steel was...