Minecraft Twitch Streamers Positively Influence Students


Twitch grows in popularity during quarantine inspiring students to pick up a game controller and stream. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

As the Minecraft rage takes the world by storm, apps such as Twitter constantly display Twitch streamers trending, to the point that students have taken keen notice and are either entranced by the streamers or pursuing the career.

Many of the Minecraft streamers became popular over quarantine. Individuals have had the chance to explore multiple interests and have taken a liking to video games, as well as the addictive personalities of the individuals playing them.

Junior Ada Vo said, “The streamers actually have fun whilst playing, and it’s very appealing to see. They reach larger audiences by making content with a video game that many have known since a young age. They use this to their advantage to spread fun and simple entertainment, and their willingness to connect with other streamer and fans makes viewers want to do the same.”

Some students who constantly watch the streamers have actually considered becoming one because of the community that comes along and the multitude of friends that could be gained.

“Many of the current streamers have talked about how exciting it is to come out of their shell and make so many friends by just being a streamer. As someone who loves simple content like playing video games (especially Minecraft) as well as making friends, the thought [of streaming] is interesting,” said Vo.

Not only do the streamers act as a close friend to their viewers but other viewers interact with one another in the twitch chats and connect as they have similar interests.

One big network is created as Twitch and the streamers who have decided to showcase their talents in Minecraft have connected the entire world.

Vo said, “Some friends I made, through the streamers actually, want to become/are streamers as well. Anyone can go on twitter and feel included to tweet about something amusing while being in on this ‘inside joke’ created by the Minecraft community.”

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