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Jazmine Simental: From Starting to the Sidelines

Izaiah Almaguer December 14, 2022

Sophomore Jazmine Simental, In a matter of days went from being a Varsity Starter to sitting on the sidelines. But that all changed this volleyball season, when the worst possible injury could happen,...

Hernandez Helps Bandage Hope for Students

Violeta Aguilar December 14, 2022

The Health Sciences teacher, Ignacio Hernandez has a way of understanding students, while having a great and fun way of teaching and connecting with everyone making everyone feel welcome in the classroom.  Hernandez...

AP Language Students are Beginning to Film the Puritan Life-Style

Ilene Guadarrama December 13, 2022

The first official AP Language and Composition project assigned by Esteban Hernandez, the AP Language and Composition teacher, is a video project on the playwright, The Crucible.  The objective is...

Different treats and sweets for displayed on Instagram. Image by Jacky Ortega.

Flea Market: Small Business “Treats n Sweets”

Kaylee Wong May 13, 2022

As a first-time vendor in the Spring Flea Market, sophomore Jacky Ortega felt accomplished after selling out her cake pops, cheesecake, and pretzel rods in the quad of Los Altos High School. Ortega...

Bikes are used by students to get to school. Photo by Ayla Santos.

Recognizing Different Modes of Transportation for Students

Micaela Garcia May 13, 2022

Though most students enjoy the comfort of being driven to places like school each and every day, it is easy to forget those who are resourceful in using other modes of transportation to get around. Close...

Page seen by viewers in the Be Real app. Image by Emma Arredondo.

Being Real Has Never Been Easier

Emma Arredondo May 13, 2022

The students rested idly by on their weekend longing for a sense of connection and closeness with their friends and waiting for the Be Real alert to go off. A new social media platform has recently...

For Mid Autumn Festival, individuals also decorate their own colorful lanterns to light up the night. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Celebrating Full Moon: Maintaining Traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival

Rufina Chow October 26, 2021

The bright, full moon lit up the night sky as individuals welcomed the Mid-Autumn Festival by eating traditional dishes and lighting lanterns on Sept. 24. Usually occurring in late September or early...

Recieving the Vaccine at Dodger Stadium

Belen Sibal February 17, 2021

On January 15, the infamous Dodger Stadium was transformed into a mass vaccination site to increase Los Angeles’ population of vaccinated individuals. Esther Sibal, manager at the San Gabriel Pomona...

Notion’s variety in templates can help organize your week. Photo by Emma Arredondo

How Notion Can Help You Stay Organized

Emma Arredondo February 17, 2021

As the second month of 2021 starts, the motivation to finally break bad habits and set goals for the year has seemingly faded. While many people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions, it...

Brightly colored macarons are assorted into cute, simple boxes for customers. Photo courtesy of Monica Ochoa

Macaron Madness: Student Bakes Her Way to Success

Giovanna Fernandez February 17, 2021

Baking holiday treats with her mom ever since she was little, senior Monica Ochoa took the extra step and created a small business through Instagram. Her business, @monicas.macs, focuses on different...

New Lunar New Year, New Hopes

New Lunar New Year, New Hopes

Rufina Chow February 12, 2021

As 2020 ends on the Western calendar, the Lunar calendar also welcomes 2021. On February 12, 2021, the year of the Ox will begin and along with it an expectance of fortune and rewards. Each Chinese...

Santiago promotes her new 222 t-shirts, sold on her website. Photo courtesy of Bela Santiago

Dark Cartoons, Bright Colors: Artist Grows Business Fwitos222

Elias Robles January 23, 2021

Junior Bela Santiago spends her days painting canvases with dark images contrasted with splashes of bright colors, all representing her loved ones and innermost thoughts. She is now sharing her passion...

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