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A Student’s Guide to Success

The sound of the tardy sweep was changed last Spring to Gioachino Rossini: William
Tell Overture: Final, it makes students feel anxious because the song sounds loud and it
reproduces quickly, when the song is about to end and the bell rings, teachers have to close
their door and the hallway’s security or administration will assigned to students their detention.

Los Altos administration has implemented tardy sweeps to encourage students to get to
class on time, have a full time in class so they can maximize their learning, their education, and
have their full lesson.

Claudia Ramos a assistant principal in as stated in the Student handbook runs tardy
sweep detentions who get caught in a tardy sweep and if students do not clear their detention,
they can be prohibited from attending, like dances or other school functions.

Most students who get caught in a tardy sweep normally do not have a valid reason to
be late, usually they are walking slowly, they get distracted by other students, or they oversleep.

“It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to utilize them, students would get to class on
time, students being in their seats taking advantage of their lesson doesn’t do anything for us, it
helps them,” Ramos said.

They had been there implementing tardy sweeps since last school year in March, before
the pandemic started were tardy sweeps, but after the pandemic the school was forgiving about
punishing students for tardies, so they brought them back last year.

Ramos said “if they do not get to class on time while they are doing the tardy sweeps
they must serve one hour of detention for every time they are caught in the tardy sweep,” that
means they have to do their homework or assignments.

Students who continue to be tardy can get calls home, Saturday school, night school or
other consequences.

Ramos said, “I think that the tardy sweeps are important, because they have definitely
helped decrease our tardies here on campus, so we will keep doing them because we feel that
they are working.”

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Marely Rosa Ramos
Marely Rosa Ramos, Staff Writer
Marely Germaiony Rosa Ramos is a sophomore student. Marely wants to graduate, attend university, and become a teacher. Marely spends time with her family and likes to go out.

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