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Los Altos Choirs: From on-Stage to on-Screen

January 23, 2021

The choir students of Los Altos debuted their first online concert showing pieces performed by Mens Choir, LA Rhythm, and Prestige. The virtual choir was a compilation of songs performed by a choir,...

Blackpink’s Record-Breaking Album Paves Way for Women Artists

Blackpink’s new album “The Album” features a pink crown on the cover, matching the simplicity of the title yet the intensity of the music. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
November 17, 2020

As Korean pop music or K-Pop rapidly gains popularity in the US, girl group Blackpink continues to capture the attention of countless Americans. This success is not only a win for the four-member group,...

BTS Lights Up the World With Virtual Concert

October 29, 2020

Performing 24 songs in two hours, K-pop sensation, BTS, takes their final bow as the giant screen projecting their fans from around the world erupts in cheers. The septet’s Map of the Soul ON:E virtual...

Shift To Desired Reality And Live Out Fantasies

Reality shifting by scripting helps individuals escape the stresses of life and enter a fictional universe that brings them comfort. Graphic by Ollie Smith
October 29, 2020

A new trend has come from TikTok. Reality shifting is what's new to the internet and has many people wanting to try it. Reality shifting is when you move your subconscious while you're sleeping, “shifting”...

Among Us Takes Over The Internet

Amoung Us
October 29, 2020

How does a game that came out June of 2018 pick up such an immense following and peak at 3.8 million concurrent players two years later? Even famous streamers play it, making it skyrocket all the way to...

Declan Mckenna’s Zeros Paves Way for Pessimistic Pop

During his 2017 concert in La Maroquinerie, Paris, Declan McKenna longingly looks out into a lively crowd. Photo courtesy of Stars Are Underground from France.
October 21, 2020

Declan Mckenna battled the legendary band The Rolling Stones for the spot at Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart. Despite landing at Number 2, only 800 sold physical copies behind his competitor, Mckenna...

BTS’s Dynamite Blows Fans Expectations

Fans of the K-Pop group show support by getting decked out in BTS merchandise while listening to the new hit song, Dynamite. Photo by Rufina Chow
October 21, 2020

Driving through the city, a song seems to make its way on the radio. Turning up the volume shock courses through your veins as it turns out to be Korean pop boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys). The viral...

The Twilight Renaissance Has Fans In Frenzy

Art by Junior Karen Rivera
October 14, 2020

The more than decade late release of Midnight Sun proves fans are still as thirsty as ever for the iconic bloodsucking franchise Twilight. This time told through the eternal 17-year-old Edward Cullen’s...

Wondrous World and Benefits of Joining Anime

Flag featured in popular anime series,
October 14, 2020

Little animated characters running across the screen, jumping up and down with glee in their eyes as they defeat the antagonist. ‘Who are these characters?’ you may ask, well they originate from these...

Lights on Broadway have Dimmed, Screens at Home Shine Bright

October 14, 2020

The Great White Way has dimmed its marquees for the first time since 9/11 in light of the global pandemic, COVID-19. Broadway theatres have been empty since March and will keep their doors closed for the...

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