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Café FC Takes into Consideration Their Employees

Nivyah Hernandez, Writer November 17, 2023

In the small community of Hacienda Heights people look for a positive work environment. When someone walks in and it shows that there is a positive environment that will be their first impression of...

Hispanic Heritage Month, Who & How to Celebrate

Alice Perez, Writer November 17, 2023

Hispanic Heritage has been celebrated at Los Altos High School by eating, singing, and researching many topics that recognize talent in the Hispanic community. September 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic...

A New Clothing Brand Emerges

Rebecca Arreola, Writer November 14, 2023

MTQR is a new clothing brand made by junior, David Cuevas where he sells t-shirts and plans to branch out to other clothing items in the future.  His brand is very new but he has strong ambitions for...

Los Altos High School Annual Local Blood Drive

Aven Hu, Writer November 14, 2023

Los Altos High School’s Red Cross club held their first blood drive of the school year on September 10 2023. The Red Cross club helps people in the Hacienda Heights and local regions. Red Cross sophomore...

Cabral’s Transition to Los Altos High School

Cabral’s Transition to Los Altos High School

Marely Rosa Ramos, Writer November 14, 2023

At the beginning of this school year, Raul Cabral joined Los Altos High School, this is his first year teaching at a High School. Cabral teaches English 2 and English 3 at Los Altos High School, trying...

UNICEF Coordinated a Halloween Costume Donation Drive with Renaissance

Ambar Muro, Writer November 14, 2023

Every year UNICEF partners with the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital or the Ronald McDonald House, to donate new costumes for the children who need it. This year LAHS UNICEF is doing a Halloween Costume...

Felixito Crowned 2023 HOCO King

Felixito Crowned 2023 HOCO King

Ambar Muro, Writer November 14, 2023

Felexito Vidana has impacted Los Altos High School tremendously. He has caused quite an impact on Los Altos High as he was recently named 2023 Los Altos Homecoming King. After being nominated for Homecoming,...

Meet Your Los Altos ASB Vice President & President

Alice Perez, Writer November 7, 2023

Los Altos seniors Caitlyn Sun and Dyani Meza take on the role of ASB President and Vice President, working hard to plan and carry out endless amounts of lunch activities, rallies, conquer crazies, and...

BTS Inspires LAHS’s UNICEF and Young Leaders

BTS Inspires LAHS’s UNICEF and Young Leaders

Caitlyn Sun October 26, 2021

The globally famous Korean singers BTS, returned to the United Nations General Assembly on September 20th to share their messages, inspiring young people and leaders to take action in their own communities...

Representatives from UC San Diego tells students about the university’s various opportunities for students. Photo by Rufina Chow

College and Career Fair Continues to Support Students

Rufina Chow October 26, 2021

The annual 57th Assembly District Annual College and Career Fair was held from Sept. 20 to 25 online, helping high school students prepare for different colleges and future career paths. For the first...

The inside of the media center is set up for students to enjoy new amenities and books. Photo by David Galaviz.

Renovated Media Center Welcomes Returning and New Students

David Galaviz September 26, 2021

Bright blue couches and tall black tables fill the newly decorated media center with the help of our school librarian, Lizzettee Bravo, in a successful attempt to make the center more relaxing and inviting...

Students are following these new guidelines in order to get into a sense of “normal” when going back to in-person school. Graphic by Lisa Kyan.

COVID-19 Solutions for Students Returning to School

Katia Villegas September 21, 2021

Schools are finally back in session, but COVID cases are on the rise. This is a problem students and staff are facing, but there are solutions to combat the virus. One solution Los Altos immediately was...

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