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This is what the future wellness center can look like, where students are able to have resources to rest and relax. Graphic by Rufina Chow

New Wellness Center: Future Safe Haven for Students

Rufina Chow January 23, 2021

Despite distance learning, staff and student leaders continue to improve the campus of Los Altos High School with a new Wellness Center in progress, hoping to provide help for students in the future. The...

COVID-19 Vaccine: What We Know So Far

COVID-19 Vaccine: What We Know So Far

Karen Rivera January 23, 2021

Late November 2020, it was made clear how health care workers on the frontlines would receive the COVID-19 vaccine as Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, announced one of the first COVID-19 vaccine plans...

Joe Biden, 47th President of the United States, promises to take large strides in healing environmental issues during his term. Couresty of The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

America Awaits Drastic Shift in Environmental Leadership

Belen Sibal January 23, 2021

A prominent topic of the 2020 presidential election was how each candidate would approach the issue of climate change and the environment. The American people heard very mixed answers ranging from comments...

Students interact in breakout rooms, separate from the main classroom where a teacher is able to supervise. Photo by David Galaviz

Breakout Rooms Effectiveness Tested By Teachers Daily

David Galaviz January 23, 2021

School completely shifting to online limits teachers from having complete control of their class. For Zoom to function as a virtual classroom, teachers rely heavily on the commitment of the students. Digital...

Students spend the whole day at their computers, overwhelmed with the new sites that have become their

How technology has affected students in quarantine

Ismael Torres November 22, 2020

The quarantine has undoubtedly been one of the toughest events that we faced throughout our lives. However, it has been the beginnings of a new era of learning, the era of online distance learning. Even...

Students spend the whole day at their computers, overwhelmed with the new sites that have become their

Cómo la tecnología ha afectado a los estudiantes en cuarentena

Ismael Torres November 22, 2020

La cuarentena ha sido sin duda uno de los eventos más duros que enfrentamos a lo largo de nuestra vida, porque nuestra generación tuvo que afrontar este problema, siendo más independiente para estar...

IFC adapts to a contactless drive-through model in March to keep their volunteers and recipients safe. Photo by Veronica Castro

How Food Pantries Are Managing During Covid

Emma Arredondo November 17, 2020

  Many businesses and organizations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that hit our country in March. Among those organizations was Interfaith Food Center (IFC), located in Santa Fe Springs,...

Renaissance Promotion committee members brighten up the campus of Palm Elementary School with chalk art just in time for Halloween. Photo by Giovanna Fernandez

How Leadership Rises Up During Bleak Distance Learning

Giovanna Fernandez October 29, 2020

Staring at a computer screen for hours on end has become the norm for all Los Altos High School students, but this has not stopped leadership groups from operating off-campus. The main leadership groups...

Vote Graphic

Social Media Platforms Encourage Adults Registering to Vote

Clarissa Banuelos October 29, 2020

In the recent upcoming election, it is now more critical than ever that eligible voters vote. Social media platforms have made it possible for voters to register and vote through easy-access links. Platforms...

Student begins viewing one of the many AP Daily review videos to aid their preparation for the 2021 exams. Photo by Elias Robles

College Board’s AP Daily Review Videos for Rigorous Courses

Zara Fiaz October 22, 2020

Anxiety courses through the veins of students as they prepare for the dreaded Advanced Placement (AP) exam. Every May exhilaration is one of the emotions that surges through the hearts of students as...

With pandemic precautions, the 2020 census was conducted in a variety of ways, from online, to the mail, and of course a knock at the door. Hope the bear encourages everyone to participate. Photo by Karen Rivera

The 2020 Census and What it Means for the Next 10 Years

Karen Rivera October 21, 2020

The census determines a vast amount of things, such as how many seats each state has in the Senate. The census counts each person in the U.S. every 10 years, and this is crucial for representation, and...

Renaissance advisor Christopher Reeder and Principal Jeff Hess set up in front of the Hacienda where they greet students as they drop off their bags of recyclables and cash donations. Photo by Elias Robles

Recycling Drive Gains Donations for Breast Cancer Awareness

Elias Robles October 21, 2020

Students revisited the empty campus to donate bags of recyclables and cash donations on Friday October 16. Renaissance’s student-ran committee prepared their annual Conquer Cancer, a month-long series...

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