BTS Inspires LAHS’s UNICEF and Young Leaders


The globally famous Korean singers BTS, returned to the United Nations General Assembly on September 20th to share their messages, inspiring young people and leaders to take action in their own communities and in their own lives, much like Los Altos’s UNICEF club.

The Korean band is known for their music and art as well as the causes they support, including Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, ChildFund Korea, and an anti-violence campaign “LOVE MYSELF” with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund,  just to name a few.

“The power people like BTS have is immense and for them to utilize their influence in such a positive way can benefit the world in a long run,” said Co-President of Los Altos’s UNICEF Lonnie Chen.

Their actions actively invoke kindness and initiative within their fanbase. For example, fans contributed to surpassing BTS’s donation to BLM of $1 million in June of 2020.

Though some celebrities do not always use their voice to do great and positive things for the greater good, BTS is taking their fame and turning it into something beneficial for the world.

Chen said, ”I definitely think this is more of a good thing than a bad thing as people with such big influences can advocate for these pressing issues to a much larger audience.”

BTS’s words and visions of living on and taking on new challenges encourage young people to take initiative and spread positive, world-bettering causes.

Chen said, “We will continue to strive for the messages and ideals shared by both BTS and UNICEF.”

Students on campus can follow the global stars’ footsteps and make a change starting at this very moment with volunteering opportunities and education through meetings that the UNICEF program on campus holds.

Co-President of Los Altos’s UNICEF Eric Ou said, “Students at Los Altos can look towards our UNICEF club and gather information on topical events and learn how to support the causes we put out.”