Renovated Media Center Welcomes Returning and New Students


The inside of the media center is set up for students to enjoy new amenities and books. Photo by David Galaviz.

Bright blue couches and tall black tables fill the newly decorated media center with the help of our school librarian, Lizzettee Bravo, in a successful attempt to make the center more relaxing and inviting for students.

Juniors and Seniors may remember how the media center looked before quarantine; instead of bean bags there were long bookshelves that stood tall around the room.

Small tables were spread around but were somewhat uncomfortable to work on when it came to working with friends.

Bravo said, “It was actually Mr. Hess’s vision of having a separate space for students to gather and study in groups… similar to the ones in colleges.”

An unexpected but loved addition to inside the media lab is its very own gaming room that allows students to set up their devices and play with friends.

Bravo said, “The gaming room was created specifically for a group of students, which I call my ‘gamers’. They are friends who enjoy playing video games together and this room allows for them to have their own space.”

Portable devices like Nintendo Switches, that are easily set up, are the most seen device being hooked up because of how easy it is to carry the docking station.

Bravo encourages all students to come and enjoy the center, whether it be stopping by or coming to one of her book tasting events.

Bravo said, “In September, there is our “Sip & See” Book Tasting event. It’s an event that students that love to read and were interested in meeting other students with the same interests signed up for. The students read a book that was randomly selected for five minutes, review the book and then discuss it. The event is now closed for sign-ups but those interested in the next one can stop by the media center and fill out an interest card.”

Study rooms can be reserved for students to go in during lunch or a free period to go over homework, prepare for tests, and work on anything that is hard to focus on outside of class.

The study room especially comes in handy when the center is filled with loud noises or talking from people trying to escape the beaming sun and scorching weather at lunch. Bravo try’s her best to keep the media center under control to allow students to enjoy themselves and keeping the welcoming environment.

Bravo said, “The rules of the library are simple. No food or drinks, no running around or loud taking. Students are asked to sanitize their hands upon entering and upon leaving, keyboards and tables and sanitized after use. If students are not willing to abide by the rules they are asked to exit the media center and return when they are willing to follow the rules.”