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An Inside Into The Video Production Classes

       At Los Altos there is a large range of students who enjoy filming and editing; they should consider joining the video production class.

       Students part of video production can sign up to help film school events. Video production has filmed football games, band performances, drama performances, and
poetry nights.

       The teacher for all three levels of the video production classes is Mr. Garcia, as a teacher he is dedicated to helping his students get where they need to go.

       He believes that the Video Production class helps students learn new habits that can help them in school and out of the classroom.

        In Video Production 1 students will learn the basic steps that go into filming something.

        Students will learn the video production process and learn how to do basic editing.

        In Video production 2 students can pick what they would like to learn and focus on.

       In Video production 3 students run the studio that is set up in the classroom. Students film in that studio so they can edit it and post it after.

        “Some of the skills acquired in video production are public speaking, Computer Skills and most important employability skills.” said Adan Garcia

        Garcia said, “Video Production is a course that offers students opportunities to learn real world production skills using some of the industry’s newest technology. Video Production 1 is the introduction course. Students learn everything production related. Video Production 2 is the Intermediate course and Video Production 3 is our advanced. “

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