Following Trends: The Obsession with Vintage Technology


A collection of CDs and vinyl records displayed. Photo by Giovanna Fernandez.

Searching the depths of the internet for vintage film cameras, restoring a parent’s old records and photographs, are all hobbies that have heavily increased despite modern tech advancing.

Following trends and technology culture, older items like records, record players, and CDs have a stronghold on people as of late. It is a natural cycle to want the things that hold memories of older eras, which is when people start to buy disposable film cameras instead of digital cameras, as an example.

“I have always had an interest in antique technologies, specifically my records and CDs,” said senior Glitzel Gonzalez. “I find that modern technology has made everything simple and accessible, and although that may be helpful, it dampens the experience.”

There is also the help of social media influence making the trend gain traction. On platforms like TikTok, people are popularizing old wire headphones and earbuds, for the aesthetic. The appearance and process of using old technology seem to transfix users and shoot them into the past.

“There is nothing more romantic and exciting than having to listen to a whole album from a CD,” said Gonzalez. “It is often through the experience in its entirety that I am able to appreciate musicians more because of the journey of listening to records.”

Modern technology is advancing to include some inventions of the past, but reimagined. Take flip phones for example- the new Samsung and Google phones fold to mimic the phones from years ago. People are decorating them to look like the Blackberry’s we knew and loved in the 2000s.

Despite how much more convenient streaming and access will be, the more minimal our devices get, the same need to reminisce will exist.

“Unfortunately, I believe that we are too far in to revert to old technologies. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, especially because things like CDs and records can be wasteful when mass-produced,” said Gonzalez.

Replacing their wide-screen phones, wireless headphones, streaming services, and digital cameras with the items that preceded them, this wave of nostalgia will continue to draw people in.