Benefits of Being Out In Nature


Going out in nature helps your inner self flourish. Graphic by David Galaviz.

Many people are now addicted to their devices and could use them for hours, scrolling through social media, but they do not know that there is another world out there in nature.

One of the benefits to being out in nature is that it improves your mood. After being out in nature, you can recenter yourself, and that allows your mood to improve.

People on their way up tp Sequoia can stop to take in the calm stream that flows in between green hills. Photo by Giovanna Fernandez.

Paul Villegas, a resident living in Hacienda Heights, who frequently goes out in nature said, “Being out in nature gives me clarity; If there is a situation where I have a mental block, I go outside in order to refocus and get my blood pumping. It also allows me to have a new perspective on the problem at hand.”

Stress can occur to any of us, and one way people can reduce the stress that is weighing them down would be to go out in nature. It allows us to clear our heads and get away from our problems, so that when we come back to them later, we can focus better and have a clear head.

“Immersing myself in nature allows me to connect and become one with nature. This allows me to be more positive,” Villegas said. “Being indoors too much can cause one to become more anxious, sluggish, and tired, but by going out in nature, you are causing less stress on yourself.”

Hundreds of visitors hike up to the gorgeous waterfalls in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Giovanna Fernandez.

Interacting with nature also has its benefits on your physical health. It allows you to be healthy, keep active, and keep a healthy weight and physical appearance.

“Being out in nature helps me to maintain my body weight. It also allows me to be able to move my body after sitting down for a long time,” Villegas said.

Being out in nature creates more endorphins. By having more endorphins, you can have a clearer head when dealing with a problem.

“In all, being in nature allow me to appreciate many things such as the sun, the leaves and the trees. It allows me to be grateful for the beautiful things in nature,” Villegas said.